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Placeboard – Organize your Favorite Places

Placeboard is one of its kind iPhone application which allows you to keep track and organize all your favorite places. If you are someone who loves going out with friends and family but find it hard to keep track of all the places you have visited and would like to visit, then this application can help you here.

Placeboard appPlaceholder is a very simple application to use with a very simple and minimal user interface. If you are someone who is into minimalistic UI and loves it, then you should try placeholder because apart from its functionalities, this application’s user interface will also impress you. The color combination of the application is quite soothing. White Background with mint green on it appears Continue reading

Spy WhatsApp Accounts With WhatsApp HACK App

WhatsApp has become a quite popular messaging application lately. Looking at the enormous success of this great application many people have come out with some spy tools, but unfortunately, all these applications are bogus and mere waste of time. However, there is one application which we have tested personally and found legitimate. Unlike other applications this incredible WhatsApp Hack – Spy Tool from works flawlessly.

What this software can do?

Whatsapp HackThis easy and simple to use applications works wonder. Do you want to spy on someone’s WhatsApp ID? Do you want to Continue reading

Duolingo – Learn on the go!

Do you love learning different languages? Or are you learning a new language? If the answer is yes, then Duolingo is tailored made for you. This application is completely free. This means no locked content or no paid content. Everything is absolutely free so you can learn your favorite language on the go. With the high quality free content, a user friendly and attractive user interface, this is definitely an application to have. Though the amount of available languages may not be enough but every day new high quality content is added.

Duolingo appIn all honesty, this application is a complete package. It offers reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises. In short, this application makes sure that you don’t learn language but master the language. This is something that very Continue reading

Email Hacker App – Recover yours or someones email account password in minute!

Hack email Today there is a lots of internet crime spread all over the social networks, forums, and email providers. As some famous internet quote says: “Nothing is 100% secure on internet”. Unfortunately this is at some point true. A highly skilled hacker can always find a loophole somewhere in either security system and more easily in human being. It’s called a social engineering. To trick a user or system administrator to fail on some trick in purpose to hack something, either account or operating system.

Today we will talk about hacking email accounts from free providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail and similar popular ones. How secured they are and what you can do to protect your one even more and secure yourself from those Continue reading

Meerkat – Livestream on iPhone

Meerkat is a livestream application for iPhone. Getting started with the application is quite simple. Download, launch and allow Meerkat to log in using your Twitter account which you already have on your iPhone. It is that simple to setup this application.

What Meerkat Can Do?

Meerkat AppSo, after setting up application it gives you the option to either start a live stream now or schedule it. If you wish to schedule your livestream, then it will ask you to add some brief about the running and application will automatically tweet it. The stream link will then show a ticking counter. And if you start a showing Continue reading

Adobe Slate – Use it on the GO

Adobe Slate much like the Adobe Voice serves the purpose of assembling photos or graphic slideshows with voice overs which can then be saved as movies. Unfortunately the Adobe Voice didn’t get off to a good start since plenty of complaints were received from consumers. However, fortunately, the issues were rectified by Adobe.

In case you have photos that you wish to share, complete with a narrative then the Adobe Slate is the ideal software to do so. Not only is it easy to use but it is also fun and fast to use.

AdomeSlateBesides their similarity in use, the Adobe Slate is also free just like the Adobe Voice. In other words, it is not a creative Cloud App. The only thing you need to do is to register an Adobe ID and endure the “Get Slate”,   “Made with Slate” as well as the Continue reading