Adobe Slate – Use it on the GO

Adobe Slate much like the Adobe Voice serves the purpose of assembling photos or graphic slideshows with voice overs which can then be saved as movies. Unfortunately the Adobe Voice didn’t get off to a good start since plenty of complaints were received from consumers. However, fortunately, the issues were rectified by Adobe.

In case you have photos that you wish to share, complete with a narrative then the Adobe Slate is the ideal software to do so. Not only is it easy to use but it is also fun and fast to use.

AdomeSlateBesides their similarity in use, the Adobe Slate is also free just like the Adobe Voice. In other words, it is not a creative Cloud App. The only thing you need to do is to register an Adobe ID and endure the “Get Slate”,   “Made with Slate” as well as the Adobe hosting which are all in keeping with Adobe’s desire to draw in users such as nonprofits, education as well as demographics that are unable to afford software from the company or those that don’t wish to endure the complexity that comes with the company’s Creative Cloud ecosystem.

How does it work?

When you tap the “Create a New Story” text, you will be taken to the cover page where you are prompted to add a title, a subtitle as well as a photo. There are 11 theme choices to choose from with each theme coming with six text-styling options.

The photos to be included in the software can come from a number of sources such as the camera, iPad, Lightroom, Creative Cloud, or Dropbox. In addition, you can include images that come from Creative Commons-licensed images from across the Web.

There are few choices on offer for photo display within the software and these include the full width, full screen inline and windowed. By scrolling vertically, you are able to move from viewport to viewport which are technically not real pages rather another asset.

When you are done with adding the photos and the different options then you can share your story. The story can be shared in a number of ways. It can be shared to the public or directly shared in an email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or message with a link and image. You can also embed code or copy a link to the clipboard. In case you are emailing then you need to utilize the native iOS Mail. This means that unfortunately, you can’t use Gmail for this purpose.