DarkSky App takes you to the next level of Weather!

DarkSky iOS appDarkSky is considered one of the most precise sources of hyperlocal information regarding weather condition. With down to the minute forecast, you will know precisely when the rain will occur or stop, right where you are standing. Some says, it works like a magic.

One amazing feature of this app is that it tells user whether he or she requires bringing an umbrella when planning to going out. DarkSky can determine whether it’s going to rain the next hour at specific location. Once you start this app, if there’s a rain in the next few hours, you’ll see a graph.

Maps Integrated with Radar
Once you click the Map button located at the base of the app, or once you click the radar map located at the main screen of the application, a map view will appear. You are able to zoom in or zoom out to see precipitation. You can click the play button located at the base of the home screen to view an animation of the last 3 hours and the forecasted next hour. The nice smooth animation that is exceptional to this app makes it simple to see what’s going on.

Once the Dark Sky app informs you that the rain will start in five minutes, might as well you will start preparing your umbrella in four minutes. The info is valuable if it is raining at the moment and you’re trying to choose whether to wait for a gap in the rain or you must leave now as it is not getting better anytime soon.

Amazing Forecasts, with Better Unified Interface
A lot of apps do a good job of providing your news regarding the weather for the couple of hours and the next couple of days. This app has always has precise data. Once you start this app, it provides you a forecast for your particular location; however you are also able to search quickly for another place. In fact, you can save up to 6 locations, which allows you to swipe simultaneously to switch between locations. Clear numbers and icons show you the current situations.

You will see the forecast on an hourly basis, given a remarkable interface. A bar located at the left part of the home screen provides a visual indication of rain. The shade alters to blue. You see the time, the forecast data, and the temp in a circle that moves from left to right to display relative decreases and increases in temp. With Dark Sky it is now easy to see when rain will start to pour, so you know when to stopover or ready you umbrella.

Dark Sky is indeed the leader in providing precise data regarding the weather and it can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices. The information is given in a clean interface that instantly shows you the data you need to know. If you want to know the latest in weather condition, Dark Sky is the app that you must own