How to Hack an Instagram account with InstaRipper App

Today we’re going to show you the method how you can use the InstaRipper app to hack any Instagram account’s password. This tool is built in purpose to help people recover back their lost or hacked accounts. Because it often happens that owner of certain online accounts forget an email address used when they’ve signed up. And without knowing an email ID, one is unable to reset password back without using some third-party software.

So let’s get started.
I bet almost anyone who’s using internet once experienced a situation when some of their online account(s) or whole PC/ mobile phone got hacked. And it’s terrible feeling. Your private information is in danger to get exposed to public or even worse: A hacker can use it to make false identities to cheat other people. The most important thing when you get hacked is to act fast to recover back everything like it was on a first place.

In this case we’ll going to concentrate to imagining someone hacked your Instagram account along with your email address using some kind of keylogger or RAT. (Learn more about these hacking methods.)

Your PC is infected, your Instagram, Facebook, email etc. is all hacked and passwords changed. What to do?

First step is getting rid of trojan/keylogger which is spying your computer/phone. How to do this? There are two solutions:
1. Install a good Anti-Virus software (Full version, not trial). and deep scan your machine. It will take a while, depending how much data you have stored on your hard drive. Once the scanning is completed, a spyware should be detected and it’s higly recommended to delete it (not quarantine it).
2. If No.1 is not helping, means a virus is FUD (Fully-Un-Detected = Means someone made this spyware high quality so antivirus tools are unable to find it.) Now the only solution I recommend is to format your system fully, means install the Windows OS again and erase all data in C drive. Means restore everything to factory settings and you’ll need to install all programs you have again from beginning. Backup your important files to some other media (USB, portable HDD etc.) and you’re ready to go.

Second step: Now when a spyware is gone and no one can track your activity anymore, you’re ready to start recovering your hacked online accounts. Because your email address with account is hacked as well, your only solution for social network profiles are a third party apps with brute-force or some other cracking methods integrated.
For Instagram you’re going to need the InstaRipper. You can download it from its official website, link is added in the first sentence of this article.

There is possibility to recover your e-mail account too if you added some of security options like mobile phone number, ‘2nd step verification’ etc. Or search for some email cracking software with similar functionality like InstaRipper.

In the screenshot below it’s explained what two options “Use Proxy” and “Clear Cookies” does. Everything else is self explained.
Instagram Hack

Hope you learned something useful and see you again in our next article!