Duolingo – Learn on the go!

Do you love learning different languages? Or are you learning a new language? If the answer is yes, then Duolingo is tailored made for you. This application is completely free. This means no locked content or no paid content. Everything is absolutely free so you can learn your favorite language on the go. With the high quality free content, a user friendly and attractive user interface, this is definitely an application to have. Though the amount of available languages may not be enough but every day new high quality content is added.

Duolingo appIn all honesty, this application is a complete package. It offers reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises. In short, this application makes sure that you don’t learn language but master the language. This is something that very few applications offer and most of those applications are paid. But with Duolingo, quality is free of cost!

For English speaking people this application has some popular languages to learn like Danish, Dutch, French, Esperanto, German, Italian Irish, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Swedish and Ukrainian. Well, the list is not too long but still there are good enough languages to learn with quality content available for all these languages.

Just like other language learning applications, Duolingo has a series of lessons and exercises. These short lessons and exercises combine together to form larger units of your lecture. The good thing about the application is that it keeps track of all your activities. All those lectures or lessons which you have completed are turned golden automatically. The ones which are still in progress or the ones which you have not completed yet are shown in a different color with a progress bar below. So, this keeps you aware with what you have covered and what you have to cover.

The good part is that your progress on the web and iPhone is synchronized. So, whatever you do wither on the web app or the iPhone app it is automatically synchronized. A new interesting feature in this application is that it allows users to skips some part of the language only if they are able to pass the test. Let’s say you have a strong hold over Italian verbs and you want to skip this part of language. Then all you have to do is pass the test and skip the section.

Quality free content, user friendly interface, automatic synchronization with web app and on the go access to content makes this application perfect!